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How Wine Can Cure Your Sore Throat

For centuries, wine has been known for its disinfectant properties, being an effective cleanser according to historical records dating back all the way to third


A Very Short History of Beer

The brewing process of beer was first documented by the Ancient Egyptians on papyrus scrolls around 5,000 BC, making it the oldest recorded recipe in

Craft Beer

Health Benefits of Beer

It might seem crazy to think that beer can actually make you healthier, but there’s growing evidence to confirm just as much. The key to

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Wine Etiquette

If you are inexperienced with wine or don’t know all of the “rules” that go along with it, you may feel a bit uneasy going

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Fun Ways to Try New Wines

The wine industry is an old one, going back thousands of years. 10,000 varieties of wine exist throughout the world, meaning that you should be

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What Makes a Great Wine Event?

I started 7degrees Wine School three years ago after attending countless wine tastings, from trade tastings where we would swish and spit 60 wines, to full

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All About Orange Wine

You are likely familiar with red, white, and rose wines but did you know there is an orange wine as well? It is a bit