About 7degrees

Our Mission

At 7degrees, our goal is to bring quality wine, beer and spirits to you at good prices. Our greatest asset is knowledge.

Researching products, talking to agents, and meeting growers, brewers and distillers are all part of the work we do before the product is brought into our store. We want to share these products with you because they have met our standards of great value, and we are confident they will meet yours.

Drop in to see what we have or to sample select products. Make us a destination for all of your wine, beer and spirit needs. Or just come by to chat. We love to talk shop.

Our Staff


Owner and partner at 7degrees, Chris became especially interested in wine after visiting the vineyards in the Okanagan and learning about the intricacies of winemaking. His favourites include white wines, pale ales, dark rums, and whisky in its many expressions. He is always happy to talk about his latest favourites.


Owner and partner at 7degrees. Starting out as a hobby job in a wine boutique led Scott to wine courses and a sommelier diploma and finally to opening a store of his own. Scott appreciates that wine, beer and spirits enrich our lives and connect us to people and cultures around the world. He especially enjoys an aromatic Rhone white, a hoppy New England IPA, or a rich old Armagnac.


Penny is our Assistant Manager. She works part time and loves interacting with the great customers at 7degrees and tasting new products. Canadian, French and Argentinian wines are some of her favourites, depending on what is for dinner of course! Gin, in all of its many varieties, continues to be a staple for G&Ts and Martinis with Sheringham and Siderit gracing her bar at the moment.


Richard is part-time staff. He appreciates 7degrees’ more independent and customer focused environment where he can help customer’s find hard to find products, and showcase our thoughtfully curated selection of wine, beer and spirits. He’s loving the growing Alberta beer and spirit scene and would be excited to tell you about our latest offering. Richard enjoys darker style beers like amber ales and stouts and in times of indecision will always lean on the trusted gin and tonic.


Willie is part-time staff. He is a craft beer geek who loves his sour beers but is happy to help you find your favorite style. Willie also enjoys learning about new products and his wine knowledge is growing fast.

Our Story

Locally Owned

Chris and Scott set out to create a destination store that would provide a wide selection of interesting products, for all price ranges.
Engine Organic Gin

The store's name has a double meaning:

it refers to the perfect temperature for Champagne or lager beer, and also to Chris’ and Scott’s combined total of university degrees from their previous careers as academics.

Over the course of 11 years, they have built exactly that:

a curated selection of craft and import beer, wines and spirits. Of special note is our selection of gin, Alberta craft beer, and fine wines to pair with your next event.

7degrees is always at work to bring you the carefully crafted beverages that brighten our world.