Ways to Stay Healthy While Drinking Wine

Ways to Stay Healthy While Drinking Wine

If you’re trying to live a healthy lifestyle, don’t beat yourself up about indulging in a glass of wine every now and then. Here are six ways you can stay healthy without having to give up drinking wine…

Know the Calories Within

When shopping around for low calorie wine, you’ll find that most bottles contain 130-175 calories per glass. However, the human body digests wine differently than it does food due to the toxicity of the substance. Not all of it gets converted into energy, as the rest is released through your bladder. Basically, your body won’t absorb as many calories as it would if you ate a pint of ice cream.

Don’t Drink Before Eating

It’s been shown that drinking wine before a meal can increase your appetite, specifically when consumed 30 minutes prior to eating. It’s best to drink your wine during the actual meal, sipping slowly instead of going through glass after glass. Avoid drinking wine on a full stomach as well. While you’ll be less likely to feel the effects of the alcohol, your body will absorb more of the calories associated with the drink.

Stick with Dry, Red Wine

It’s also been shown that red wine contains more antioxidants than other wine varieties. If you’re truly looking to get healthier while still indulging in wine every now and then, it’s important that you pay close attention to the alcohol level. Try to keep it lower than 13.5% ABV for the best results.

Don’t Drink too Late at Night

When you drink a glass or two of wine before bed, you’ll see the same effects that occur when you eat carbohydrates too late at night. Your body will focus on breaking that down while you sleep instead of burning off fat. You’ll also find you’ll get a better night’s sleep if you stop eating or drinking two to three hours before bedtime.

Don’t Cheap Out

You’ll need to put value in the things you drink when you’re trying to change your habits. Spending more money on a bottle of wine will make you more likely to savour it over a longer period of time. You don’t want to spend money on it constantly, like you might with a cheaper wine, so make sure it’s preserved properly and make it last.

Separate Drinking and Home Life

If the temptation of something you crave is too far away, the chances are you’ll be less likely to indulge in it. Don’t worry, it’s what makes us human. If you currently are or are planning to go on a strict diet, then it will benefit you to remove all sources of temptation from your home. We’re not saying you have to stop drinking wine! But you’ll only be able to do it when you go out rather than have it readily available to your 24/7.

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