What Makes a Great Wine Event?

What Makes a Great Wine Event?

I started 7degrees Wine School three years ago after attending countless wine tastings, from trade tastings where we would swish and spit 60 wines, to full meals with each course paired with a different wine. I wanted to do something different, so I thought about the three most important components of the evening.

Socializing: Wine is social. It’s also fun, and I sat through a few too many events where the person at the front talked so much that the guests were not able to talk about the wine amongst themselves. A glass of wine is one of the best places to meet old friends and new people, so Wines Schools are built around the evening being social.

Food: Food and wine go together, but some evenings the wine needs to be the star of the show, and you need the time to enjoy it. We serve an appetizer with each wine to compliment it, and we want to give you a full evening out. Enjoy the wines we’ve chosen; enjoy the appetizers: we have the place to ourselves.

Wine: Learning about wine is enjoyable, especially when it’s hands-on learning. We serve wines which will give you options for new favourites, but also challenge you to try new styles. New styles, a wide range of price points, and all the interesting stories that come with wine.

So I brought it all together in 7degrees Wine School